Candle Care


When burning for the first time, let melted wax reach the edge of the vessel.

This helps the candle ‘memory’ and reduces the risk of your candle tunnelling (burning straight down, instead of melting to the edges).


Never burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

As you burn your candle, carbon builds up in the wick, causing a ‘mushroom’, extended burn times can cause excessive carbon build up which can cause your vessel to overheat. This may lead to your vessel cracking.


Keep candle free of debris & trim the wick to ½ cm before each burn.

Wick trimming is important to remove the carbon build up mentioned in tip 2.


Allow candle to set completely before relighting.


Stop burning your candle when there is ½ cm of wax remaining in the vessel.

As the wax melts to the bottom of the vessel, each burn becomes hotter. To avoid overheating and cracking your vessel, ensure you stop burning once there is less than ½ cm of wax remaining in the vessel.


Do not burn a candle on an uneven surface. This may cause the wick to move and the vessel to heat up unevenly which may result in the vessel cracking.


Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Keep burning candle away from draughts, curtains and any other flammable material.


Always burn your candle on a flat surface. If your candle is burning on a non-level surface, the wick may move closer to one side of the vessel, causing overheating and possible shattering of the vessel.


Keep your candle away from direct sunlight. In candles like our LUXE Collection, direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade.